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05 Oct

How Much do Plumbers Charge to Replace a Faucet?

Maintenance is one of the many hidden costs associated with owning a home. This includes a range of HVAC, electrical, and plumbing issues that may arise as a homeowner. Installing a new faucet can transform your bathroom or kitchen. While it may seem like a minor project, it can make a big difference in how […]

24 Sep

How Do You Know You Have Cast Iron Drainage Pipes in Your Home?

If your building has been constructed before 1975, then it’s a good chance that your drainage pipes were made of cast iron. Cast iron plumbing used to be very popular a few decades ago and for very good reasons. They are durable and have excellent noisy insulation properties. But, as they are approaching the end […]

10 Sep

What Causes a Shower Cartridge to Leak?

Cartridge valves are one of the four types of valves that are found inside of a faucet – particularly in shower faucets. The cartridge features holes that are responsible for regulating both the flow and temperature of the water when you operate the handle. When you have a leaking shower head or shower faucet, it’s […]

02 Sep

How To Fix A Leaking Shower Pan

A leaking shower pan can lead to a number of other problems when water is accumulating where it’s not supposed to be. If you notice that the water in your shower is not directed into the drainage system as it should be, check if the shower pan is working properly and try to spot any […]

23 Aug

Why do I suddenly have no water?

One of the most frustrating things that could happen in your house is when you suddenly have no water. Water stoppages are a common occurrence, and even though they’re not very frequent, they’ll still be an unwelcome surprise to any homeowner. Water stoppages in your building can come about for various reasons; here’s what you […]

16 Aug

Is Single or Double Sink Better?

Whether you’re redesigning a kitchen for a new construction or remodeling an existing kitchen, you may be contemplating which is better: A single or double sink? While this is a question that doesn’t come up until you’re renovating or building a home, it’s still an important decision to be made. Unfortunately, there really is no […]

09 Aug

When Should I Replace My Sink Cartridge?

Faucet cartridges can last several years, but will eventually need to be replaced. Over time, they experience general wear and tear, corrosion, and become covered in hard water mineral deposits. This causes the faucet to function improperly, commonly leading to water leaks and difficulty operating the handles. Generally speaking, when you start to experience water […]

04 Aug

How Do You Fix a Leaky Faucet with Two Handles?

A dripping faucet is just one of the many leaks that can occur in a home. Whether it’s happening in your bathroom or your kitchen, a leaky faucet should not go unchecked. Just a single drip every second can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water a year. So, if your two-handle faucet is leaking, […]

02 Aug

What Is the Best Drop-In Kitchen Sink?

If you’re currently taking on a kitchen remodel, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of sink choices available on the market today. Aside from all the fine details, like finish, color, or pairing faucets, there is a wide array of sink styles – with drop-in sinks being one of the most widely available […]

27 Jul

Can You Change a Sink in a Granite Countertop?

Whether you’re replacing a faulty sink or remodeling your entire kitchen, you may be intimidated by swapping out your sink if you have granite countertops. While granite is known for being particularly sturdy, the way that sinks are installed in these types of countertops results in some weakness. While it can be done, changing a […]



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