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23 Jul

Are You Getting Annoyed With a Leaking Garbage Disposal?

You get up in the morning and go into the kitchen to make coffee, but when you go to the sink to fill the pot with water, you step in a small puddle of water.  It appears that it’s coming from the sink cabinet so you open the doors and notice that there’s an even larger puddle of water.  Literally everything on the floor of the cabinet is soaked and you realize you’ve got a serious leak coming from the side of the sink where the garbage disposal is located. You know that you cannot do much right now and that is where we step in. Our team of expert plumbing specialists are experienced in handling such emergencies.

Now that you’ve cleaned up as much of the mess as possible, what’s next?

When there’s a foul-smelling odor coming from under your sink and the cabinet floor is all soggy and wet, there could be a problem with your garbage disposal.  The first step in determining what’s causing the appliance to leak is to get a flashlight and examine the under-sink are to figure out the source of the leak.  There can be a number of areas on the appliance where the leak is coming from as follows:

  • Bottom of the disposal – if the leak is coming from the bottom of the disposal, it could be a broken seal or it’s leaking around the reset button is (this is located underneath the appliance).   Although a break in the seal is not uncommon, most seal leaks result from years of wear and tear.
  • Side of the disposal – if you notice water leaking from the side of the disposal, you may need to contact us and have a specialist come out to re-seal or tighten the drain line connection hoses.
  • Top of the disposal – in most cases, if water is leaking from the top of the appliance, there may be an issue with the sink flange.  Adhesive or putty is used to connect the disposal to the sink and if that comes loose, the area will start leaking.

Once you know where the leak is coming from, our Anytime Plumbing specialist will be able to determine if a simple repair will fix the problem.  If not, you should consider having the garbage disposal replaced as soon as possible. After a quick evaluation, our expert would be able to help you decide whether it can be repaired or needs a replacement. They would be able to suggest the best product for your budget.

How much does it cost to repair a garbage disposal?

The average cost to repair a garbage disposal, including labor, is roughly $250 and can range from $70 on the low end to as high as $400 depending on the plumbing company that is doing the work.  If, by some chance, your disposal has seen its better days, the average cost of a new replacement is around $150 and the plumber will charge up to $80 per hour for their labor.

Despite the fact that garbage disposals are quite handy when it comes to getting rid of what’s left on your dinner plate, they need to be repaired every now and then.  Repair costs are influenced by factors such as the age of the home, cost of parts, and what the plumber in your area charges for their labor.

How much does it cost to replace a garbage disposal?

The average cost of a new garbage disposal and its installation is about $400 but could go as high as $700.  As with the cost to repair one, there are certain factors that come into play.  These include the age of the home and the difficulty involved in accessing electrical wiring and plumbing.  As a DIY project, you could spend as little as $75 to purchase and install a new garbage disposal.  But just be aware that you will need experience dealing with electricity and plumbing.

How can you prevent your garbage disposal from leaking?

One of the more common questions we answer at Anytime Plumbing after we have repaired or replaced a garbage disposal is “How do I prevent it from leaking?” There are several preventative measures you can take to avoid having to deal with a leaking garbage disposal.  First, NEVER pour bleach into the disposal and second, NEVER work the appliance harder than it should be worked.  It won’t hurt to let the disposal crush a few ice cubes once in a while as this helps to sharpen the blades.

To learn more about garbage disposal leaks and other problems with this appliance, call Anytime Plumbing today. We are available 24/7 to be of assistance with any plumbing requirements. Call us today for an estimate.

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