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12 May

About Local 62 – Santa Cruz Local Plumbers Union

Employees everywhere have the right to a decent living wage, a safe working environment, better conditions and terms, and equal opportunities. They also need to have these rights protected

This is one of the main goals of Local 62, Santa Cruz’s Local Plumbers Union. The organization’s purpose is to secure work for its members and ensure that employers comply with all the health and safety measures. They also aim to unite and associate together the people from the plumbing and pipefitting industry so that they can provide better assistance and protection.

Are you interested in becoming a member or finding a contractor that is a Local 62 union member?

Here’s everything you need to know about Local 62, Santa Cruz Local Plumbers Union.

The History

The United Association was established in 1889 as a response to the declining of existing independent or local union organizations. A Boston plumber named P. J. Quinlan saw the need for a united association that would bring together plumbers and pipefitters and took action.

Since its conception, the United Association faced numerous challenges and it was forced to take some creative and revolutionary measures to ensure its growth. When the construction industry entered a period of impressive expansion, it ensured that its members would be able to be more mobile and get employment throughout the US and Canada.

As time passed and the organization showed its ability in solving problems, creating more opportunities for plumbers, and protecting their rights, its membership skyrocketed.

Local 62 of Monterey & Santa Cruz is a child organization, under the parent United Association – PPF. It was created to secure work for its members through negotiation with employers and to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for plumbers and pipefitters.

How Can Local 62 Help

Local 62 can help both plumbers and those looking for contractors. For plumbers, the organization will ensure that the companies that hire them will respect their rights. For homeowners or businesses looking for a contractor, a union plumbing contractor has more resources and more skilled workers to get the job done right and fast. Moreover, you have the peace of mind of hiring contractors who receive good wages, health, and other benefits, and work in safe environments.

But, there’s more to it than just that. To ensure that their tradesmen are always refining their skills to keep up with today’s diverse and challenging construction industry, Local 62 also provides various training programs. For example, if you are interested in a career as a plumber or steamfitter, then you can apply for their apprenticeship program.

They also offer continuing education classes to their members, such as welding, medical gas brazing recertification, tube bending, rigging certification, and so on.

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